1. Love Letters

A song for Veteran's Day. Thank you to all you have served our country, especially those who when to a foreign land.


Love Letters Battistello © - 2016

Harvested pumpkin and turnip today -
Rolled up the hoses and put them away -
Planted spring tulip and daffodil -
And I picked the last of the fresh herb for the windowsill -
And I’ll write a letter,
I’ll write a letter to you.

It’s been three months since you’ve been gone -
One more tour in Afghanistan -
One more Thanksgiving without you near -
Followed by the Holy Day and then the New Year -
And, I’ll write my letters,
I’ll write my letters to you.

Letters from home written every day,
Written even when there’s nothing new to say.
Written with all my love and sealed with a kiss,
I want you to know how much you are missed.

Tomorrow I’ll pack up your Christmas gifts -
Beef jerky, some candy cane, a new watch for your wrist -
I’m always so proud of you, and I’m always concerned -
So, I’ll put in some prayers for your safe return, in my love letters,

My love letters, to you -
I’ll write you love letters.
I’ll write you love letters
Letters from my heart, I’ll write you.