From the recording Green Mountain Blue

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This songs describes the ongoing war in the Congo for conflict minerals that are used in circuit boards. Attentive companies now declare that their products are 'conflict mineral free'. See the organization "Falling Whistles" if you would like to offer financial support to a non-profit organization campaigning for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Gold, Diamonds, Tin Ore Battistello ©2015

Deep in the Congo riches abound
Minerals, abundant in the ground
Rebels and armies keep the country in war
So they can steal all the gold, the diamonds, and tin ore.

Fear creeps through the jungle. Gunshots surround
Smoke filled horizon. Village burns down.
Out into the night families flee
Those who are caught will live in slavery
Forced to dig the Gold, Diamonds, Tin Ore.

Children, little children, abducted every night
Force fed cocaine and alcohol, handed an AK47, made to fight.
While black market minerals are smuggled up and down the hills
Little children dressed like soldiers know if they don’t shoot the gun,
they’ll be killed .
Gold, Diamonds, Tin Ore
Why, Why, why??

Minerals, a hot commodity -
Used by every high-tech company…
Your Smartphone, Your laptop, Our cars – every circuit board,
It’s all fuel for the war on the gold, diamonds, tin ore.

Why do these people, native people, live such tortured lives?
Why are little Children forced to kill, forced to fight?
The riches in the ground lie just below their feet.
And it’s a handsome profit for someone else to keep.