From the recording Green Mountain Blue

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Written for my Uncle Earl who fought so hard but lost his fight with cancer.


CASTLE IN THE SKY Battistello© 2015

When the good Lord calls me I’ll go,
I’ll go.
When the good Lord calls me I’ll go.
Lift me up, lift me up
I have no wings, I cannot fly
Lift me up to Your Castle in the Sky

My bags are packed. I’m ready, and I’m waiting on the road.
But, the nights are long, so long.
Tell me you’ll be soon coming and I will not lose my faith.
I’ll listen for your sweet, sweet songs.


I’ve been walking down this road for so long now
And the nights are dark, so dark.
Please shine your light upon me so I will not get lost.
I’m searching for a home in your heart.


My clothes are worn and tattered, and I’m weary from the road
The nights are cold, so cold.
Your radiance would warm me. Wrap me in your golden glow
Please sooth my weary soul.